About us

Metalotechnica is a private company that was established in the distant 1987 as a small family-owned company and in the past 30 years successfully survives on the Macedonian and regional markets.

In our beginnings the primary activity was the production and trade of materials for plumbing and canalization, and later we expanded the activity in the area of finishing works in the construction.

The company is now rejuvenated with young personnel, who are continuing the business-marathon and the innovations that have been introduced in its own production in recent years.

Our company in the past few years has entered in several innovative projects among which are the production of colored minerals used in decoration and construction (making of stone rug and stone wall coverings - wallpaper and stone veneer).

Among other projects of our company, Metalotechnika bring in its program excellent technology for thermo-isolating material, made by nano technology on a water basis. In cooperation with famous Russian and Macedonian experts, for a long time was worked on this project, which today, with the support of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development of the Republic of Macedonia, has been successfully implemented on the Macedonian market and wider.

The goal and the task of our company is in the period that follows, full commercialization of the new product thermoStop and with this to contribute for development of awareness of the importance of energy efficiency and its saving.