Decorative sand and pebbles in color

Our company has an environmental program of many kinds of granules of natural stone, natural or colored with a wide range of colors, which are found in many areas of everyday life.
Waterproof, UV-resistant, 100% natural and environmental Macedonian products. For decoration and horticulture, production of facades, interior and exterior wall coverings, stone rug etc.
They can be used for fun in childrens play and represent a magnet for children, a sandy fantasy for ladies in the decorative landscaping of gardens and a step forward in construction for modern decorative facades.
Products that can be obtained from these decorative stones are:

Plastic plaster- culirplast

For this purpose, natural or colored mineral crystals are used, which can be with a grain size of 0.5 mm - 2 mm. Waterproof and UV resistant for external and internal application.
The packaging of this product can be in polyethylene bags of 20kg and 1 ton.
To connect this material are used adhesives on an acrylic base for indoor and outdoor
The packaging of the adhesive is in plastic containers of 16 l.

For this purpose, luminous minerals and crystals in different sizes and colors can be used as additional products in the plastic plaster, which through day absorb light from natural and artificial sources, and during the whole night they emit it. This type of pebble is a battery that can be used for more than 50 years.
The pckaging can be in polyethylene bags of 1 kg, 5 kg and 20 kg.

Method of preparation and application of plastic plaster - culirplast

For a single dose of 25 kg - a bin plastic plaster is used:
  • 20 kg pebbles of different sizes and colors of your own choice
  • 5 kg of adhesive agent - acrylic glue
  • 5 - 10% bright luminescent pebbles of your own choice

All products previously prepared mixes together and getting plastic mosaic plaster - culirplast, from different color mixes and sizes of the pebbles in the previous choice.


The materials used for making stone carpets are recommended to be made of quartz or river stone because of their hardness and they can be colored or natural in the size of 5 - 10 mm.
The packaging of this type of material can be 20 kg or 1 ton.
Bonding material - adhesive is a polyurethane base for making stone carpets for indoor and outdoor use. This adhesive is two component polyurethane glue used in a ratio of 1: 1 of the A and B component.
The packaging of these components is in plastic bins or barrels of 20 kg or 200 kg and is used approximately in an amount of 10% in relation to the total weight being prepared for the floor, or 1 kg of adhesive on a 13 kg pebbles.
Also for this type of floor can be used a light pebbles that is placed in a previous prepared mix of ordinary, natural or colored stone and a polyurethane joint. The light pebbles can be added from 5 to 10% of the total floor mass, which at night has an effect like a starry sky. This floor is being prepared by choice of consumers.

Method for preparation of materials for stone carpet

For floor – stone carpet with an area of 1 m2 and a thickness of 1 cm, on a previous prepared substrate, it is approximately necessary from:
- 10 - 15 kg pebbles, naturally or stained
- 1 liter of adhesive - polyurethane glue and
- If it is necessary to add 5% luminous pebbles for effect of starry sky.

Usually such a mix is prepared in a concrete mixing machine from 3 to 5 min when a pebbles of size and color is selected, and then the braid is put and the prepared material is placed on the previously prepared surface for the stone carpet, then it is brought to a flat surface with a trowel, but the time to work should be kept in mind, because after 1 hour the same material is already unusable. These types of floors can be monochrome, mosaic in many colors, or to cut off in surfaces with various geometric shapes and they can all be peppered with a light pebbles to achieve the effect of a starry sky.

The price for decorative colored pebbles is 30 den / kg
The price for decorative luminous pebbles is 1200 den / kg