Stone wallpaper

This type of product is made from previous made stone pebbles in different colors and sizes that are applied to textile substrates with acrylic binders. Flexible stone wallpaper, designed for construction exclusively for interiors and exteriors, with which many types of irregular geometric shapes can be bet, such as circular pillars, terraces, walls, etc.

The dimensions of flexible stone wallpapers can be:
Tiles 30 x 60 and 60 x 60 cm, and
Rolls 60 x 250 cm

The thickness of the stone wallpapers is 2 mm, and the weight of m2 is 3.5 - 4.5 kg depending on the size of the grain.

This type of product replaces the past plastic plaster - abrib by previous preparing as a product, and then it can be mounted in countless different designs that can not be performed in any other way.

They are made by order in the form of a 3D solution or a special prouction made of a flashing stone that accumulates natural or artificial light through the day, and overnight in the dark it emits, or as ready mixes of the following colors:

For installation, ordinary adhesives for ceramic tiles or adhesives on an acrylic basis are used. It can be cut with a scalpel. By heating with industrial heater can be subjected to all complex geometric shapes.

Easy installation without the need for special training.

A project has been prepared for the type, shape and place of use.

The price for flexible stone wallpaper from m2 is 10 euros ordinary and 20 euros for light stone wallpaper.

Stone wallpaper with a special order for the size of pebbles in color or naturally with dimensions of 0.5 - 10 mm would be 1 euro / kg and approximately 1 m2 would be needed from 10 - 15 kg, previously firmly applied (glued) to the welded wire mesh.