Characteristics of insulating material ThermoStop

The liquid thermo-insulating material "ThermoStop" possesses a series of physical and chemical characteristics, which make it superior to all other insulating materials:

  • The coefficient of heat conduction λ = 0.058, is approximately 2 mm with the classical insulations
  • Thermal, sound and frigid protection
  • Ability to apply objects whose temperature ranges from 5 C to 150 C! This enables the application of large industrial facilities without stopping the technological process (process industry, heating, boilers, etc.).
  • Reflectivity in ultra-violet rays (reflects up to 98% UV)
  • The base color is white, it can be tinted
  • It has air penetration,with which is allowed often drying of the wet surfaces of building materials. In this way, additional energy savings of 7 to 9%
  • Due to the extremely sticky properties and elsatistic structure, the material breathes through the substrate and this makes it suitable for application of objects with a high degree of dilatation of the temperatures.
  • 100% ecological and safe. It does not emit atmospherically harmful substances when it is heated. It has not harmful effects on the environment.
  • Easy and simple application through “airless” sprayer or brush
  • It can be combined with other insulating materials, as well as with all kinds of colors.
  • The defects and cleaning of the insulating layer are removed very simply by applying a new layer to the damaged place.
  • Light and high quality insulation of hard-to-reach and relief surfaces (curves, grooves, facades with complex shapes, valves, twisted and spiral pipes, indoor space with irregular shape, interior of transport, etc.).
  • Considering that the insulation can be applied by the “airless” sprayer method and that the insulating layer is with thickness of several millimeters, this is a great advantage in building new objects, and in the adaptation of old, already existing objects.
  • The application of the classical insulating material to large-scale buildings regularly requires the installation of large and expensive scaffoldings. In contrast, ThermoStop is applied very easily with the method of industrial alpinism or with the help of an auto-hoist, which drastically reduces costs and time.