Thermo-liquid insulation ThermoStop

Thermo-isolating material "ThermoStop" is a liquid water-based composition consisting of synthetic rubber, acrylic polymer and inorganic pigments, in which structure is built up vacuumed ceramic microspheres and empty silicone spheres. This exceptional combination of isolating materials and unique structure make this material light and flexible.

The main characteristic of this material is its incredible thermo-isolating characteristic, with a thickness of 2mm. However, having in mind the described composition and structure, this material is excellent sound insulator. Thanks to its properties, "ThermoStop" protects the coated surfaces from corrosion, which is very important in the application in the industry. The sound and thermal isolating properties of this material make it suitable for use in buildings.

The material is applied to the surface just like acrylic paints, with a wide range of applications in relation to all other insulating materials that can currently be found on the market.

It is applied on surfaces of any shape and composition, on concrete, metal, plastic, glass, brick and on almost all other industrial and building materials.

The application of this material can be done with a trowel or a sprayer (for professional applications) or with a usual brush (for smaller applications). In its basic form, the material is white, but it can be tinted or after drying to be pre-painted in any color without losing its insulating properties.

Because of the high humidity, elasticity, waterproofing and other properties, "TermoStop" is characterized by its durability of exploitation for more than 10 years in the open and more than 25 years close space.