Thermal liquid insulation for glass surfaces TermoStop Invisible

TERMOSTOP INVISIBLE - Guardian of your home

Highly transparent nano coating for all types of automobile and architectural glass, made on the basis of water-based nano technology. Product selected and supported by the Innovation and Technological Development Fund and the World Bank.
Thermal liquid coating for all types of architectural glass, 100% environmentally friendly water-based product, saves energy by 30% – 50%. It is applied in all residential, commercial and industrial buildings and in the automotive industry.
TermoStop Invisible offers a high degree of reflection on coated glass surfaces, reflects UV and infrared rays up to 90%, while applied to the glass surface has excellent light transparency, more than 80%.
It protects the space, saves energy, gives a feeling of comfort and warmth.
It is applied simply by casting technique on the inside of a previously well-cleaned glass surface.
There are no bad weather conditions, there are only inefficient insulation!
This thermal coating is compatible with Thermostop – the coating for wall surfaces and together they make an energy saving system for heating and cooling.
The effects of Termostop Invisible are especially great in periods of time and regions with high temperatures where its application enables reduction of cooling energy consumption.