Fireproof Coating OgnoStop

Fireproof Coating OgnoStop

You do not need to save when investing in life-saving materials!
Ognostop is a transparent coating based on nanotechnology on a water basis for fire protection, for wood surfaces and wooden structures.
Can be used for indoor and outdoor use.

Fire Protection
Ognostop offers fire protection for all types of wooden buildings and other wooden surfaces.
To obtain the first degree of fire protection, the consumption is not less than 300 g / m2.
To obtain the first degree of fire protection, the consumption is not less than 150 g / m2.
Required application temperature is from +5 degrees to +40 degrees.

Material Type
Ognostop is a water-based inorganic solution based on nanotechnology and is a 100% environmentally friendly product.
It is offered on the market as a ready-made water-based solution. Additional amount of water, depending on the method of use and the specific purpose, can be added up to a maximum of 40%.
Exploitation period is 7 years for external use, 15 years for internal use.

Easy to use, fast application, no professional labor required during application, significant effects for fire protection of wooden construction surfaces are achieved, and at the same time one of the most important criteria for this type of coating is – low cost.
Manner of use
The Ognostop coating is applied without prior preparation and surface treatment, with a roller brush or sprayer, and the smaller parts can also be immersed, which provides excellent fire protection, preventing the spread of fire to other parts and no harmful gases.

Special Properties
The application of Ognospotop is wide in many areas and industries and in multi-purpose buildings of individual and public character.
Material Color
Ognostop is a completely colorless and transparent coating and by coating the wooden surfaces their natural color and structure is preserved, and if necessary they can be further coated with other roof coatings in color.

Method of Application
Ognostop can be applied with a brush, roller or compressor.
When applying Ognostop, material loss is minimal.
No previous preparation of the surface is required before applying.
It can be applied in concentrated form or dissolved with a maximum of 40% water depending on the specific application.
The material can be applied in 2, 3 or 4 layers.
Each subsequent layer can be applied after approximately one hour and it is not necessary to wait for the previous layers to dry completely.
The time required for complete drying of all layers together depends on the outside temperature but is not less than 24 hours.
At the time of application of the material, the ambient temperature should not be lower than 5 and higher than 40 degrees Celsius.
Packages of 10l, 20l, 200l, and 1000l.
It needs to be stored in the original sealed package, and the shelf life is 18 months at a temperature higher than 0 degrees.